God's Word will cause you to overcome your culture in order to receive the blessing.
When I meet a person for the first time whether they are Christian or not, on purpose, I will listen to them talk for about a minute or so. Within those couple of minutes, I can tell a lot about them just by hearing them speak. The words that came out of their hearts and out of their mouths tell me where they have been, where they are at, and where they are going in life just by the words they have spoken. 
Words say where you have been.  -  Words say where you are now.
Words say where you are going.  -  Words can take you over.
Words can take you under.  -  Words can set you free.
Words can keep you bound.  -  Words can activate the curse.
Words can activate the blessing.

Kingdoms are built on words, marriages are built on words and businesses are also built on words. God created this world to operate by words.  Let’s look at one of the most powerful scriptures in the Bible:
Proverbs 6:2 KJV
“Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth.”

Wow that is so powerful! It is telling us that we can be free or bound by our own words.  It’s amazing how God put the control in our own mouths. We have the power to speak or not to speak. We have the ability to go forward, stay in neutral or even go backwards in life.  Let's look at the word snared for a minute – It means a trap; a lure. Our mouths can be a trap as well as a lure.  Our mouths and our words can become a temptation which can cause us to rise or fall.  We can control our desires and our feelings by our words.   I'll let you in on one of my greatest secrets in life…never say what your present circumstance is saying to you.  If it's not what the Word of God says then it's not the truth and it’s not in the blessing.  If it's not part of the healing from Jesus then it's not part of the freedom Jesus paid for.  Don't say it, don't repeat it, and don't allow it to lure you into a trap.  Don't say it, it will snare you for life. 
Partners, I must say this, you might not talk like you would normally talk or say what you would normally say but it will save your life, your family, your money and it will keep you healthy.  I want to encourage you to put a regulator over your mouth before you say anything. Before you speak, think…will this cause me to go over or under? Will these words bless someone or hurt someone? Will these words cause the blessing or the curse to go into operation? If you are a father or a husband your wife and families future depends on your words.  Because you are the priest over your home don't let the devil tell you different.  Don't repeat what he says about your life...no, no, no!  Only say what God says about your life.  If something is snared in your life today un-snare it by speaking words of life to it and command life to your present circumstance.  

Friends, today is that day of great victory and great Joy! Anything that has a sign of death over it begin to speak life over it and you will see death must bow its knee to the name of Jesus...Amen!  
Speak life and live free.