What Makes You a Rallys For Christ Partner?

A Rallys For Christ partner is someone who prays for us in the following areas on a daily basis:
-  For our staff-
-  For our events-
-  For all those that attend our events-

A Rallys For Christ volunteer is someone that helps in the following areas:
-  One who helps with our events-
-  One who promotes our events-
-  One who prays for all of the new souls at our events-

A Rallys For Christ Sower of Financial seed is someone that sows into the following areas:
-  Into our daily administration-
-  Into our events-
-  Into the lives of all those that attend our events-

Please allow me to say this, if you are holding this newsletter in your hand, it is because somehow or some way we had the privilege of meeting you and you then asked for more information about Rallys For Christ.  We then made a daily commitment to you to pray for you spiritually, physically, mentally, socially and financially.  Not a day goes by that we don’t pray for the blessing over you...Glory to HIS name! Partners, I want to say something to you, Rallys For Christ, has made a new and fresh commitment to the Lord.  And that commitment is to go even further and faster in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Just the other day I was talking to a gentleman and as we were talking, I said to him, “I am so excited to reach more and more people for Jesus!” I explained to him that at this very moment, Rallys For Christ is reaching the world in the following ways:  
1 - Rallys For Christ T.V.
(via the internet at www.rallysforchrist.org, on TBN Salsa and very soon on many more new T.V. networks)
2 - “The Rally” movie
3 - “The Rally LA” movie
4 - In the process of starting to film “The Rally 3” movie
5 - A new book “Love Loves Me” by Rick Reyna
6 - The book “A Latino and God” also by Rick Reyna
7 - IRALLY workshop/bible study in Hollywood, CA. on a monthly basis
8 - Six Rallys/Crusades per year
9 - KCM Venezuela Campaign
10 - KCM Peru Campaign
11 - Preaching at local churches
12 - Rallys For Christ Canada twice a year

I went on to say to the gentleman, that our hunger to reach more and more people with the love of God has increased in us like never before. We have some new and very exciting announcements to come at the beginning of 2016. We will be sharing with each of you what God is telling us to do.  All I can say is I see the multitudes and the masses coming to Jesus. Wow, isn’t that exciting? Now let me ask you a question; Are you a Rallys For Christ partner?  Have you been hearing God telling you to partner with us?  If you have, then roll up your sleeves and let’s do this together. Here is a word that God gave me the other day. John 4:35 KJV “Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” I heard Jesus say to me Rick lift up your eyes…now stop, look and what do you see? Jesus was asking when you lift up your eyes what do you see?  Do you see your own needs?  Do you see your own wants?  Do you see your own desires?  Do you see your own will?  Now that is so powerful!  Jesus is asking us, “Do we see what HE sees?”  Do we see the souls and the lives that are lost without him?  I’d like to ask you again, are you a Rallys For Christ partner?  I'll say this, we want you to partner up with us! We love you! And you can be on our team! Glory to God!  Let me tell you that we see what Jesus sees and that is the Fathers will.   Please pray and ask yourself, "Has God called me to be a Rallys For Christ partner?"
We love you and call you blessed. Glory!