God has called us to reach out to the nations and to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the utmost parts of the world.  God wants to see His Word reach the masses and He has given us all a voice to do just that.  For more than 13 years “Rallys for Christ” has taken the Word of God to the world in order to help people just like you to live in the blessing.   Partnership isn’t just a one-time opportunity to give; it’s a growing and thriving honor where we both will share in the benefits that are promised to us when we all come together to further God’s Kingdom. There is strength and power in partnership and as the ministry grows, so will you. We would like to thank you for prayerfully considering becoming a “Rallys for Christ” partner and for sowing into this ministry.  We pray that you choose to be a part of every life changed, every outreach and every salvation. So make a difference and partner with us today. 






At “Rallys for Christ” we are committed to you and to taking the great commission to the ends of the earth.  It is our passion and we invite you to join with us and make it your passion too.

Rallys for Christ is called to reach every city, every nation, every day with the Gospel and unfailing love of Jesus Christ.  We provide the tools necessary to teach Christians and non-Christians alike how to walk in the Blessing by applying biblical principles in every area of their lives.