Rick Reyna Founder of “Rallys for Christ” always dreamed he would be a movie star.  And when he received a Word from God to go into Hollywood, he knew he had to put his faith into action and step out and do something in line with what God had spoken to him.  For seven years, Rick worked in Hollywood as an actor as well as a photo double for Al Pacino.  Rick debuted in two of Al Pacino’s biggest films “Heat and The Insider”.  But he didn’t stop there.  Rick knew he had a Word from God and that Word was “Rick it’s time to start making movies for Me!”  So in 2010 “Rick Reyna Films and Production” produced their first movie in called “The Rally”.  The much anticipated sequel “The RALLY-LA - Breaking the Curse” will be hitting the big screen in 2016, so stayed connected for local listings.